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ERASMUS students / foreign students: Questions concerning student life in Munich

Question: I don't know Munich, so I'd like to find out more about the city. Where can I get a first impression of Munich?
Answer: Munich is a great city to live, study and to work. If you want to find out more have a look at the Homepage of the city: Munich. Also thisVideo can help you.

Question: Who is responsible for incoming ERASMUS students at the Ludwig-Maximilian University? Who can give me advice/ help with my ERASMUS application, with class enrollment (the immatriculation) and with other ERASMUS affairs?
Answer: The International Office of the LMU (Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich) is responsable for all ERASMUS affairs. You should check their web page (available in English and German) to get important information about your future ERASMUS life in Munich.- please click here.

Question: I will be coming to Munich next semester as an ERASMUS student, but I have no accomodation yet. Does the university offer rooms or apartments especially for ERASMUS students? Who can help me finding a room?
Answer: Finding a room in Munich can be pretty hard. You first should contact your ERASMUS coordinator at home, she/ he can get information for you about housing in Munich. If you are already in Munich, you can look for room offers in the cafeteria of the university or in the "Studentenwerk" (the address for both is: Leopoldstraße 15, subway station "Giselastraße" U3/ U6) or you can buy the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" or the magazine "Kurz und Fündig" with a lot of housing offers.

Question: I'd like to know more about the residence halls of the "Studentenwerk" in Munich!
Answer: MYou'll get more informaton about the residence halls on the web page of the "Studentenwerk München". Please click here.

Question: Where can I get information about the public transport system in Munich (subway, bus,...)?
Answer: All schedules, rates and plans are available on the web page of the MVV: www.mvv-muenchen.de - the pages are available in English, French and Italian!

Question: Which classes will I be able to attend at the Ludwig-Maximilian University?
Answer: You'll get an overview of the different classes and courses (lectures and seminars) of all departments and faculties at: http://webinfo.campus.lmu.de

Question: Are there any German language courses for ERASMUS students in Munich, that are offered for free by the university?
Answer: Unfortunately, there are no German language courses for ERASMUS students offered by the university. However, there are some organizations in Munich, that offer cheap language courses for ERASMUS students during the semester, for example the "IUC München": www.iucm.de you'll get more detailed information to language courses when you enroll for your classes in Munich!

Questions concerning the MESA program (parties, excursions,...)

Question: Do I need the MESA-Card to participate in MESA activities?
Answer: No, you DO NOT need the MESA-Card to take part at our program. However, the MESA-Card provides you a lot of advantages, i.e. discounts at the entrance of all MESA parties and in several of Munich's discos, as well as other special offers.

Question: I'd like to take part at some MESA activities. Where can I sign in for your excursions and where do I have to pay?
Answer: This is different from event to event, and depends on if theres a fix number of places, or an open event. You'll recieve this inforamtions appr. 1-2 weeks before the event.

Question: I am not an ERASMUS student at the Ludwig-Maximilian University (I'm doing an internship in Munich/ I'm studying at another university/ another school or language school). Anyway, I'd like to participate in your MESA program. Is that possible?
Answer: Yes, everybody can take part in our program. Just drop us a line by using our contact form - we will include your eMail to our list if you wish, so you will get all the news about parties and excursions from MESA.Contact

Question: I'd like to improve my German. I'd like to meet Germans as conversation partners with who I can practice my German. In exchange, I would also be willing to practice my language with them.
Answer: A good opportunity to find a conversation partner is the "Conversation Club": SprachDuo

German students / students from Munich:Questions concerning MESA

Question: Can you add me to your eMail list and inform me about parties and excursions, even if I'm not an ERASMUS student?
Answer: Sure, you can take part at our activities if you want to! Just write us an EMail ny using our contact form Contact form.

Question: I have been abroad recently (ERASMUS program, internship,...) and I'd like to assist ERASMUS students/ foreign students in Munich, too! Can I join MESA, do you still need some students to help?
Answer: Yes, we always look for students who want to join MESA! Just write us a short eMail to info@lmu-mesa.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (attach a picture and give a short statement about yourself if possible). We will get in touch with you as soon as possible, just wait for our eMail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Miscellaneous Question:

Question: I'd like to maintain my English/ Spanish/ French or any other language. Do you know how I can meet native speakers, with who I could practice these languages and who want to learn some German in exchange?
Answer: Check out the "Conversation Club": SprachDuo

Question: I'm currently writing my final thesis/ dissertation in a language other than German, that's why I'm searching native speakers for proofreading. Can you help me out?
Answer: Usually ERASMUS students are willing to help you, if you offer them some money for the proofreading. Write us an eMail by using our contact form.

Question: I'm studying in Munich and I would like to spend one or two semesters abroad. Do you help students to get ERASMUS admission or to find an internship abroad?

No, MESA only organizes activities for foreign students and especially ERASMUS students in Munich. If you want to do an internship abroad, you should contact AIESEC: www.aiesec.de/mu If you want to apply for the ERASMUS program, you have to contact either your ERASMUS coordinator at your faculty or the International Office of the LMU. We can only help you out with personal experience that we got abroad. If you're lucky, there also might be some ERASMUS students in Munich that are from the city, you would like to go to.

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